About Shahin

I have had an interest in Photography ever since I was at school in the early 1980s. However, my professional life began in the mid 1990s when I, along with my best friend (Fiona Gannon), started as travelling photographers taking family portraits in peoples' homes. This was soon to balloon into university photography where we secured contracts to set up mobile studios during many Balls and Parties at numerous universities in England and Wales. Alongside this, however, we became interested in Wedding photography with our first ever shoot taking place in 1998. This first experience grew into a successful Wedding Photography business and this continues today.

However, in addition to covering Weddings, I now spend much of my time travelling, reading and creating fine art images for sale and exhibition. Some of these can be found and ordered from this site.

Like all professional photographers, I have also been affected by the changes brought about by the rapid technoloigical advances in the industry. There was a time when photography was available only to those who were serious about it as an art form and as a way to make a living. There is little doubt that this has now changed beyond recognition. One statistic has had a profound impact on me and that is the fact that more photographs will be taken within the next two minutes globally than during the entire 18th Century. This is not only an indication that technology has transformed our relationship with the photograph, but one disturbing development is that our subconscious has become saturated and overwhelmed. Social media forums such as Facebook, Instagram, Youpic, Behance, Flickr and others have further contributed to flooding our senses with images. We are led to one overwhelming conclusion - photography as an art form and the value of the individual photograph have diminished significantly.

The digital era has certainly brought the medium of photography to the masses and I do not claim that this is necessarily a bad thing. But for the numerous reasons I have mentioned here, the art of photography, both the artistic expression of it and the use of it to record events is dying out. It is now possible for someone with a mobile phone who happens to be at the right location to take a photo and post it online or send it to a newspaper for publication. The professional photographer is often no longer needed. Magazines and other mass consumers of the image now merely purchase their requirements from the many agencies and libraries which have sprung up. Indeed, it is now these institutions, not the photographers who are the real beneficieries of the art form. These agencies are now depositories of millions of photographs on countless subjects and consequently there is no longer any need for the magazine to deal with the individual photographer.

When Instagram first started it was a good way for professional photographers to show case their work and the company actively courted this demographic. But ever since Instagram was bought up by Facebook, its ethos changed, and it now appears that it is increasingly becoming a stock library where professional photographers have very little control over how their images are used and distributed. In a world where the choices available to professional photographers to make a living have clearly decreased dramatically, we must continually search for what it is about our medium which persuades us to grab for our cameras. There is no doubt that this medium will be kept alive, afterall, everyone now pretends to be a photographer. There is also no doubt that many professional photographers will continue to flourish and succeed in this new digital age. However, because their numbers have decreased significantly, professionals must fight back and claim space which has been lost. The only way to do that is to carry on with what they do best - take high quality images which appeal to clients, persuade the customers to move away from the agencies which have all but monopolised the market and continue to search for niches and projects which will appeal.

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